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i2r-FlexEbatch Concrete Batching Production 
Management System

This product controls and manages all aspects of concrete 
batching and loading with the most advanced combination 
of Office End job loading, scheduling and reporting with the 
robust and graphical Plant Control End.

The system can be provided as a complete turnkey operation, 
everything except the mechanical plant. (Electrical panels, 
Pneumatic panel, Water system, installation, 
commissioning and service) or can be supplied as a 
self-install by your own local installers.




Plant Graphics, showing all plant actions and status feedback,
including what action is due next
(e.g. 'Waiting for 14mm Stone', 'Current Batch 1 of 4' etc.) This is displayed
on both the Office PC and the Plant Industrial Graphic Terminal. 


Management for Customers, Drivers, Delivery sites, Recipes.
These are maintained on the database, so you only enter the data
once. From then on, just select from the list.


Order Entry and Management system. 
Orders are entered (e.g. 100CM) and the current status is updated with 
'Amount done', 'Amount scheduled for production' and 
'Amount available for scheduling'.
Orders may be filtered for viewing as:
Not yet started
In Progress
Load Production Scheduling, where loads are entered for production by
selecting driver, recipe, load size, slump, and delivery site. Any number
of loads may be managed.


Load Production Logging, where all details concerned with the load are 
recorded including all target and actual weight values.


Load Production Report, where the values for the load are compared, target 
versus actual.


Printed Driver Delivery Docket, giving details of customer, product, quantity,
slump, delivery site, loading time, etc.
Complete load reports in a presentable format can be generated at any time
if a customer wishes to see the exact material quantities that went into a 
particular load.


Event Tracking allows important events to be displayed / recorded with
date and time stamping,  such as the starting of a load by a driver, load completion, 
changing from automatic to manual etc.


Cement Intake Management allows for the logging/ recording of cement loads
delivered. The stock balances are automatically adjusted. If silo weighing is part
of the system, the silo weights are also recorded.


Cement stocks replenish alert prompts the operator when more cement needs to be
ordered. This can also be used to send an automatic e-mail to the supply company
if required.
Some Plant Control Features
Large Industrial Touch Screen for the local graphic display and operation.


Automatic in-flight weight compensation for the accurate self-tuning of 


Automatic Zero to allow for the material build up on the hoppers.


Automatic handling routines for small quantities


Variable automatic vibration control to minimise damage and prevent 
'packing' or compacting.


Full Sand/Aggregate moisture compensation is incorporated in the system. 
The moisture values may be entered manually or automatically, if probes
are fitted.


Software calibration for all the weighing scales and the moisture probes, allow
calibration adjustments to be made without the need for tools or meters.


Full Plant Input and Output animated status allows for simple 'no-tools'
diagnostics of any problems on the plant. e.g a valve position switch 'sticks' 
in the wrong position.


Full Manual Mode control for maintenance purposed, where individual plant 
items can be run. e.g. for tracking adjustments on a conveyor belt.




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